Decoder & Sound Installation


Installation of DCC decoders and sound equipment can be a real hassle, especially if you don't like doing that kind of work. So why try to do it yourself? Let someone who likes doing it take on the job. I enjoy the challenges and the work. I install decoders, sound decoders and speakers as well as plugging devices for easy connections. Steam, diesel, brass, plastic, metal, HO & N (inquire for other scales).


Standard decoder installation HO & N (no modifications to loco)

Diesels $30 (plus return shipping USPS Priority Mail, tracked & insured)

Steam $45 (plus return shipping USPS Priority Mail, tracked & insured)

These are basic prices for normal conditions. Some locos may entail further modifications. Necessary modifications will be quoted in proportion with the degree of the work.

Sound decoder installation HO & N

Sound installation needs to be priced on an individual basis. A simple installation starts at about $100 + the cost of the decoder, speaker and other parts.