Custom Paint Pricing

Brass passenger cars, freight cars & cabooses:

Here is what you get:

car is disassembled, stripped and sand blasted to remove the lacquer and to prepare the surface for painting.

Premium paint (up to two colors) decaling and choice of flat, satin or gloss finish.

light weathering (if desired).

one pair of couplers, Kadee Number 58 (Ho scale) or Microtrains number 1015 (n scale)

Minor repairs (loose or detached parts) will be reattached at no cost.

full glazing on passenger cars and cabooses.

Pricing is for any HO or n scale piece of brass or plastic rolling stock That does not have a complex paint scheme. These will need to be estimated individually. I will also do S scale, or o scale but they need to be estimated first and then evaluated upon receipt.

Price $175 (plus return shipping and insurance)


for multiple color schemes (more than two colors that need to be masked) add $30 for each additional color.

major repairs will need to be estimated on an individual basis.

passenger cars can be populated with 12 hand painted figures for $50.